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DSC02797Okay, okay.  I know that there is another week of official summer and then we in the lovely Pacific Northwest usually have another several weeks of blue skies before the rain starts.  But- I’ve been absent for so long that I feel like I should start the summer wrap-up now since I’ve been busy the last 2 months.

Let’s begin.

We went on Baby’s First Camping Trip and it was a ton of fun and way easier than I thought camping with sesame would be.  We were at the beautiful Lake Selmac in southern Oregon.

Camping at Lake Selmac

Sesame had her first encounter with blackberries and they turned her into a blackberry monster!
Blackberry Monster
Mike and I picked a ton of fruit (57 pounds of peaches alone!) while sesame just ate the berries and got good and dirty.  We did a ton of jam-making, canning and freezing.  Come on over in February and we’ll serve you some delicious peach pie!

I entered some knitting in the state fair and everything got a ribbon! The empty space on the bottom right should have a picture of this cardigan (it got 3rd) but somehow it didn’t make it onto flickr.
Fair Ribbons
We went on camping trip #2 and braved a cold, drizzly weekend at Cape Lookout with 5 other families and 7 kids.
Camping at Cape Lookout

My etsy thingsWe did a lot of playing and I knitted and, oh yeah, worked full time and made stuff for my etsy shop.

That was a busy 2 months!!

Next up- what I knitted this summer.

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