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Look at my newest toy! I love her already.  Apparently so does Sesame.
It’s an Ashford Traveller and I bought it from a really sweet family who used to own a bunch of sheep but they’ve sold their land and haven’t had sheep for quite a few years.  They were sad to be selling their spinning wheels but they took a lot of time and showed me how to use it and even gave me a bunch of wool from their sheep.
So I spun some.  It’s not great but I’m happy because it’s the fist yarn I’ve spun on a wheel and it’s not completely ugly.  (I did take a drop spindle class a while back but maybe I shouldn’t tell you that lest you think I should be a better spinner than I am.  I never did it enough to get good at it so I feel like I’m starting all over here.)

I fully realize that what I’m about to say could totally change in the next few months so just bear with me and try not to laugh.  I don’t really want to spin wool.  My drive for getting the spinning wheel is that I really want to spin the fiber from my angora bunnies.  Right now, that’s kind of it.  I know, angora is slippery and hard to spin and I should learn to spin with wool first.  Okay, I will.  But I’ll still try the angora, since I have a free supply and can mess up all I want.
It’s heavenly.  I can’t wait until I can spin it well.

On the chicken front: Our chicks are getting big!  They are pretty much fully feathered now and I hardly recognized them after not seeing them for 8 days.  This is what they looked like a few days before we went on vacation.  They were 4 weeks old then.  the still had puffs of downy feather around their necks and they were small!
My creation
Today they turned 6 weeks old and they got their first outside adventure to celebrate. They were very reluctant at first, what with frightening green grass and all, but eventually I dumped them out of their box and seemed to enjoy it. It was so cute to see them pecking at the grass and flapping their not-so-little wings.

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