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Spring Lace

First I want to thank you all for the nice comments, emails, and tweets about my new website. I’m still adding some pictures to it and tweaking it a little but I’m really excited about it.

I have several finished items that I’ve neglected to share on the blog.  I keep wearing them and forgetting to take a picture and when I do think of taking a picture, they’re in the laundry or some other unphotographable state.  But no more!  What’s more, even though I knitted them a while ago, they’re lace so I’m thoroughly enjoying them this grey, sunny, hailing, heat wave, cloudy, normal Portland spring.  Winter and Summer fight over who should dominate Spring, but eventually Summer always wins out.
green leaf socks
In the meantime, I will wear these lovely green socks.  The pattern is Polly Jean (though I had Michael Jackson’s Billy Jean stuck in my head the entire time I spent knitting them) and it’s a free pattern!  I changed it up a little.  I subtracted a couple stitches from the cast-on since I like my socks pretty snug.  I also opted to not to the twisted stitches, though they do look pretty, just because I don’t like to knit twisted stitches.
green leaf socks side
Thirdly, I did a basic 2×2 ribbing for the cuff instead of the 1×1 ribbing called for in the pattern.  I like how snug the cuffs are but I did lose the way 1×1 ribbing would have flowed right into the main pattern.  To that I say oh well. I love these socks! I also love that the yarn was free.  It’s Louet Gems that I won in a contest.  How awesome is that.
fingerless mitts
Another free lace pattern with free yarn.  These super soft fingerless mitts are Cafe Au Lait Mitts (free Rav download).

fingerless mitts pairThe yarn is Bouton d’Or Ksar and I got it from a secret pal a while back.  It’s 50% camel and 50% wool and is so amazingly soft!  I had 2 balls of it and I have maybe 1/2 a ball left.  I wish I had a thousand balls of this yarn.  I changed not a thing on this pattern and I love love love my mitts.

In other news, I have doing a ton of gardening!  I really want to put a picture of my garden on here but, like my knitting, every time I think of it, the conditions aren’t quite right for picture taking.  Things are starting to grow and I’m excited for the summer when everything will be leafy and full of vegetables. I’m looking forward to a summer full of yummy salads like this one from Eco Metro!

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The Final Two

DSC04600Here they are- my last two finished projects of 2008!  I started the mittens when all the snow was still on the ground and Mike complained of not having any mittens.  (Note that my kid cried because her hands were cold and she still does not have mittens.  Again- What is wrong with me?!)  I finished them just as the snow was melting, 3 days later.  Or so I thought.  Mike tried them on and deemed them perfect but then yesterday, as I was picking up the living room, I stacked the mittens on top of each other and found that one was about an inch shorter than the other.  Oops.  I had to undo it and reknit the top of mitten two.  It was fitting because as I was knitting the first mitten, Mike and I had a little exchange that went something like this.

Me:  Hey, I’ve gotten to where I should start the decreases so try it on and see if it seems about right.

Mike:  Um, it feels kind of loose.  Maybe the decreases should start earlier.

I rip back 7 rows and knit about half the decrease rows.

Me:  Okay, try this on now and see how it feels.

Mike: It’s too tight.  The decreases probably should have started where the pattern said.

So I got to rip back again, reknit the 7 straight rows and then do all the decreasing.  Not a big deal but a little annoying.  I guess the universe is all balanced out now that I had to knit the top of the second mitten twice too.

DSC04603(This is Mike’s “Ha, ha, you can’t tell if I’m flipping you off or not” picture.  Thanks, Mike. )

The pattern is Basic Men’s Mittens (Rav link)  and the main yarn is Lion Wool and the burgundy is some Cascade 220.

DSC04599FO #2 is a pair of socks that I knit this summer but never blogged.  I knit most of them on our camping trip to southern Oregon and they won a ribbon at the state fair!  I really just started wearing them now that the weather is good and cold.  I don’t remember what yarn I used and I wish I did because it’s such a pretty color!  The pattern is the Embossed Leaves from IK. (Rav link)  I followed the pattern exactly but do wish that I had made the leg a little longer.  I certainly had enough yarn left over to add another repeat.  Oh well, I still love them!


And that’s all for 2009.  I did knit some cute soakers for the kiddo that never made it on here but diaper covers aren’t super interesting to most people so you’re not missing much.  If you’d like a complete recap of this year’s knitting, just click on the ‘FOs 2008’ in my tag cloud over on the right.

I have some failed Christmas knitting and a knitting disaster of 2008 that I’ll be posting soon but I want to ring in the new year with something positive so that’ll have to wait.  Goodness knows I need positive things to happen this year!

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Weekend Pretties

And a contest!  Details about that after the pictures.

Friday afternoon skyEven though the weather was grey and drizzly this weekend (how quickly weather changes in Portland!) we spent a lot of time outside.  Here are some pretties from the weekend.

We went to the park and there were already lots of leaves on the ground.  It really is feeling like autumn.  I want some more sunny days!Fall already?
Did you know that winged seeds are called samaras?  I love this cluster of them.

I saw this tree while walking in our neighborhood.  I don’t know what it is but I think the fruits hanging down are really pretty.

This is a volunteer plant growing in our front yard.  It’s probably a pumpkin but I’ll have to wait a while longer to find out for sure.  I like mysteries!
Squash blossom

Climbing the steps back home. I do love nasturtiums.

baby and nasturtiums

Finally some knitting to show!  I’ve mostly knit for the baby this summer but these are Mike’s socks!  They’re his first pair of handknit socks and I think they’re a hit.  They’re basic toe-up socks with a heel flap and 2×2 ribbing up top.  The yarn is Regia 4-ply and the color is Patch Antik #5759.
Mike's new socks

So the contest.  The lovely Vanessa of Designs by Vanessa is hosting a contest on her blog and the prize is a coffee sweater from my etsy shop!  So go on over, check out her blog and enter to win!

Hopefully I’ll have some more knitting pictures soon.  I hope you’re all having a nice Monday!

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