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Party Girl

Little Sesame turns 2 tomorrow and we had her party on Saturday.  It was a hot, sunny day but luckily our backyard had plenty of shade.

Here’s her birthday banner in action.

birthday banner 2

There were plenty of friends for Mike and I to hang out with but little Sesame had some buddies to play with too.

child care gang

birds nest cupcakes 2

There were cupcakes to be eaten.  They’re carrot-pineapple cupcakes with a little cream cheese frosting and since the birthday girl loves birds (or bees, as she calls them), I decorated them with bird’s nests made from kataifi (shredded phyllo dough) and little jelly bean eggs.   The frosting is colored with natural colorings- raspberry for pink, blueberry for lavender and turmeric for the yellow.  I made a ton of cupcakes and only had one left after everyone went home.  I want some more!

birds nest cupcakes

There were also a few presents to be opened.  Sesame loved all her things but her stuffed dolphin and Hello Kitty purse and wallet were definitely the biggest hits.

birthday card

birthday dressI actually made her pretty party dress!  It’s the first thing I’ve sewed using a real pattern and with things like gathers and buttonholes in a long time.  I got the pattern from that*darn*kat on Etsy and it was really easy to make.  I want one in my size!

It was a fun birthday party and I can’t believe my little girl is (almost) 2!

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Happy Birthday Banner
My kiddo is just about to turn 2!  It feels like time is flying by but then it also feels like little Sesame has been with us a lot longer than just 2 years.  I barely remember life before her sometimes!  We’re having a birthday bash this weekend and I whipped up this cute and colorful banner for her party.

birthday banner close upI cut the triangles out with the top edge along the fold of the fabric, so they’re double sided.  They’ll probably flip around when the wind blows them so I wanted them to be pretty on both sides.  I folded them with the wrong sides together and sewed along the edges using the rolled hem stitch on my serger.  (side note: My husband is awesome.  When I told him I was sewing the flags he said, “You’re not sewing, you’re overlocking.”) The letters are cut from white felt and I attached them with fabric glue.

birthday banner

I attached them all together by sewing a length of rick-rack along the top edge.  I can’t wait to hang them up for her party!

flower soakerNow that she’s nearly 2, Sesame is getting to be quite helpful around the house.  At least she thinks she’s helping.  Here she’s trying to wash the dishes.  She mostly just got water all over.  Notice where she’s standing- not on the platform of her learning tower, but on the rail.  The kid is fearless.

She’s wearing some shorts that I just finished knitting.  She wears a wool soaker (or woolly as we call them) at night so these will be nice for the summer.  They’re a short version of the Perfection Pants that I’ve knitted before.  I used one skein of Cascade 220 Quatro that I had left over from a cardigan I knitted.  I embroidered some flowers to make them a little cuter and added some extra stitches in the bind-off of the cuffs so it made a little ruffle. It just needs a drawstring.  They were falling off of her when I took this picture- her little bottom is not really so square shaped.

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Felt Orange Slices

felt orangesI’ve been making a ton of felt food to give to little Sesame for Easter.  She loves playing with her toy kitchen but she doesn’t have any food to play with!  That needs to change.  There are lots of great pictures and some free patterns for felt food on the internet (as well as a ton of awesome patterns you can buy.)  I’ll share all the resources I used, and show you all the cute food I’ve made, once I get it all finished.  For now, I have a tutorial for you so you can make felt orange slices too.

Most of the time that I’ve working with felt, it’s the recycled sweater kind but for this project, I used regular craft felt.


orange and white felt

white embroidery floss

orange thread


felt orange supplesThis picture shows the pieces I used to make 3 orange slices.  You only need one piece of each to make one slice.  The shapes are pretty simple so I don’t think you really need a pattern.  The white circles are 7 cm in diameter and the orange circles are 6 cm.  (I like the metric system and it’s more accurate so there you go.)  The orange peel pieces are 9 cm point to point and the width is 2.5 cm at the widest point.

felt orange circles

Sew the orange circle to the top of the white circle.  Don’t worry if it’s a little uneven, or not perfectly centered.  This is fruit you’re making so a little wonkiness adds realism.

felt orange stitching

I separated the white embroidery thread in half and used 3 strands.  All six strands looked too bulky to me but you can decide for yourself.  Sew 3 straight lines across the orange piece as shown.

felt orange side seam

Fold the piece in half as shown so that the white lines form the orange’s sections.  Hold the peel piece in place and begin sewing it down.  I started sewing it towards the end of one side, as shown, because that allowed me to leave a good spot open for stuffing it later.

felt orange corner

When you get to the point of the peel piece, fold the circle piece down and keep on sewing.
felt orange whipstitch

I sewed the pieces together using a simple whipstitch.  Easy-peasy!

felt orange opening

leave an opening and fill with your stuffing of choice.  You can use poly-fill, fabric scraps, or my material of choice- tiny pieces of felted sweaters left over from making my etsy items.  Make sure you get the stuffing all the way in the little pointy corners, then finish stitching it closed.

felt orange slices

Enjoy your soft, fuzzy oranges!

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Doll ring sling

Doll ring slingSesame is more and more interested in playing with her dolls lately so I whipped up a super simple ring sling for her to use.  I chose a ring sling so that she won’t outgrow it any time soon and I hardly had to do any measuring.  Unlike the clothes I make for, she loved it immediately!  So far she’s carried around 2 of her dolls, a teddy bear and a little stuffed puppy (not at the same time) and she’s getting pretty good at putting them in the sling herself.

This only took me about 1/2 hour to make and I’ve written up my instructions below so you can make one for your favorite little person. I used velcro to attach the fabric to the rings so that if she pulls hard enough, or get it stuck on her, it’s easy to get it off.  She’s still pretty little and having a closed loop of fabric around her neck would make me nervous.


1 piece of fabric about 20 inches by 45 inches (add a few inches if you’ll be turning under the edges and seaming)

2 metal rings, 1.5-2 inches in diameter

A couple inches of velcro

**Please note that this sling is only meant to hold a doll, never a real baby!  I know you’re smart but I feel like I have to say that anyway.  The rings I used came from a hardware store, but you could find some at a craft store.  Slings for real babies use specially tested rings and have really secure stitching to make sure it’s safe.  This sling has none of that.**

Doll ring sling

Finish the edges on all sides.  I used my serger (the 1st time I’ve used it without any frustration, thank you very much!) to do a simple rolled hem.  Of course, you could could turn under the edges and seam as well, but then you’d want to start with a slightly larger piece of fabric.

Doll ring slingDoll ring sling

Gather one short edge to make it smaller.  I did 2 accordian folds that meet in the center as you can see in the picture, then pinned it into place.

Doll ring sling

Cut your velcro pieces and pin into place.  My pieces are about 3 inches long and the strips are 2.5-3 inches apart.  I sewed 4 lines across this edge, catching each of the long edges of velcro in the seams.

Doll ring sling

Thread the end with velcro through both rings and attach the velcro. The picture shows the 2 seams that show on the right side of the sling.

Doll ring sling

Fold the other end in half horizontally and thread through the rings.

That’s all there is to it!
Doll ring sling

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v-day dress

I love this little dress!  Like everything I’ve knit recently, it’s making wasn’t without a near-disaster.  It was almost ruined when I put it on the little ungrateful toddler and she had a screaming fit and yanked at it so hard that she totally stretched out the buttonholes and I was afraid for the hand-stitching.  Luckily it survived (with lots of buttonhole reinforcement) but not until I took a time-out from her,  though lying down on my comfy bed while  mentally fixing I dress I just finished making and trying to tune out the sobs of “mamaaa, mamaaa” and little toddler fists pounding on my door is not very relaxing.

I shouldn’t have been too surprised.  She was crying just seconds before I took this picture, I thought she was going to ruin this sweater with the yanking at the neckline the first time I put it on her and she even had a fit when I first made her wear this little cardigan and it’s made of cashmere and silk!  What a terrible mom I am.  She doesn’t cry about new store bought clothes so I’m trying really hard to not take this personally.  At least she gets over it and is usually more cooperative by the second wearing.

v-day dress backv-day dress close

The pattern is the Two Summer Sundressand it’s pretty darn clever.  The straps can uncross to add a little more length and the straps have 2 buttonholes too.  This one can grow with the kid.  The yarn is Cascade 220 Superwash so the whole thing can go in the washer.  I will definitely make more of these, although I may have to try machine sewing my knitting, something I’ve been avoiding.  I hand-sewed the skirt to the bodice but it was a little tedious.

cardi frontFinally, a sunny day and a willing husband!  Here are pictures of the cardigan I finished last month.  I would show you my face but it was sunny and I’m all squinty. I love it (the cardigan, not the squinty face).  It’s so simple and cute and warm but not too warm.  It’s just a basic top-down raglan and I saw the horseshoe lace pattern on this cardigan and loved it so I added it to mine.  I wasn’t sure how I wanted to close it so I employed the knit-now, decide-later method and as it turns out, I can just shove the buttons through the knitting so no buttonholes are necessary.  Simple and easy.
cardi back
The best part?  I got this fabulous hand-painted yarn (blue mountain fiber arts icelandic) in a yarn swap! The color in the first pic is more accurate.  Someone took my crap and I got this.  It’s hard to imagine it being someone’s crap but then again, that’s probably what someone is saying about my unwanted yarn.

One more thing I love- signs of spring!!  It really is coming.

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My newest favorite thing

Is Twitter!  Oh, Twitter, how much do I love thee.  Here’s the thing readers.  I’m on Facebook but I just don’t really get it.  There are too many things going on -groups and games and I’m supposed to write on someone’s wall?!- and all I ever really logged on for was to see if anyone had any new updates.  I love the little glimpses into people’s lives and reading . . . is cleaning her closet today and . . . loves the drizzly weather make me happy.  I admit it, I’m a voyeur.  On Twitter I get that stuff and nothing else!  It’s a fabulous thing and I feel more connected to people.  Finally a networking site that I love.  (I was starting to feel a little old, being confused by the new-fangled sites and all, but I’m hip and trendy- really!) Anyway, join Twitter if you haven’t and you can follow me there!
Check out the cute shirt I sewed for her.  I had the fabric in the closet and a few seams and one strip of elastic later this is what I got!  She cried the first time I put it on her but I think she really does like it.  Maybe the tears were out of happiness?  I love the fabric because it reminds me of happy little single celled organisms floating around.  Yeah, I’m nerdy like that.

I’m so close to having 100 sales in my etsy shop!  I was hoping for 100 by Christmas but at this rate I’ll easliy surpass that.  Good thing, ’cause I’m making no money at my job.

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My little baby is 1! I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since she was born! This has been the most amazing year and little sesame just keeps getting more and more fun!

For the birthday extravaganza Mike and I had 6 out of town relatives come to visit. It was a little crazy but they did not all stay with us so it was manageable. Sesame was a trooper and didn’t even seem to get too overwhelmed!

Here are some pictures.

This is part of her birthday gift. I embroidered a really cool design that I’ll show you more of when it’s washed and ironed. It’s going to be a pillow for her since she has developed a sudden love of carrying pillows around.embroidery

This is her cupcake cake! I made 4 dozen cupcakes and made this cute little picnic scene. My mom and Mike made the fondant blanket and I did all the grass piping. My hand got really tired but the effect was worth it. I think they’re the cutest cupcakes I’ve ever made!birthday cake
The birthday girl modeling her skirt. She had so much fun at her party! I’m so happy that we avoided the overwhelmed, screaming baby syndrome that seems to happen rather frequently at 1st birthday parties. birthday girl in soaker

Proof of all the out-of-towners. This is my stepmom, dad, brother, Mike, me, uncle, cousin and mom. Whew! That’s a lot of visitors for 1 short weekend!

birthday family
birthday girl tired This is how we all felt after the party. I think that finally today I am caught up on sleep. I haven’t knitted in over a week and I have a lot to catch up on but for now, I’m just happy and thankful for a truly blessed year with my little one.

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