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The Final Two

DSC04600Here they are- my last two finished projects of 2008!  I started the mittens when all the snow was still on the ground and Mike complained of not having any mittens.  (Note that my kid cried because her hands were cold and she still does not have mittens.  Again- What is wrong with me?!)  I finished them just as the snow was melting, 3 days later.  Or so I thought.  Mike tried them on and deemed them perfect but then yesterday, as I was picking up the living room, I stacked the mittens on top of each other and found that one was about an inch shorter than the other.  Oops.  I had to undo it and reknit the top of mitten two.  It was fitting because as I was knitting the first mitten, Mike and I had a little exchange that went something like this.

Me:  Hey, I’ve gotten to where I should start the decreases so try it on and see if it seems about right.

Mike:  Um, it feels kind of loose.  Maybe the decreases should start earlier.

I rip back 7 rows and knit about half the decrease rows.

Me:  Okay, try this on now and see how it feels.

Mike: It’s too tight.  The decreases probably should have started where the pattern said.

So I got to rip back again, reknit the 7 straight rows and then do all the decreasing.  Not a big deal but a little annoying.  I guess the universe is all balanced out now that I had to knit the top of the second mitten twice too.

DSC04603(This is Mike’s “Ha, ha, you can’t tell if I’m flipping you off or not” picture.  Thanks, Mike. )

The pattern is Basic Men’s Mittens (Rav link)  and the main yarn is Lion Wool and the burgundy is some Cascade 220.

DSC04599FO #2 is a pair of socks that I knit this summer but never blogged.  I knit most of them on our camping trip to southern Oregon and they won a ribbon at the state fair!  I really just started wearing them now that the weather is good and cold.  I don’t remember what yarn I used and I wish I did because it’s such a pretty color!  The pattern is the Embossed Leaves from IK. (Rav link)  I followed the pattern exactly but do wish that I had made the leg a little longer.  I certainly had enough yarn left over to add another repeat.  Oh well, I still love them!


And that’s all for 2009.  I did knit some cute soakers for the kiddo that never made it on here but diaper covers aren’t super interesting to most people so you’re not missing much.  If you’d like a complete recap of this year’s knitting, just click on the ‘FOs 2008’ in my tag cloud over on the right.

I have some failed Christmas knitting and a knitting disaster of 2008 that I’ll be posting soon but I want to ring in the new year with something positive so that’ll have to wait.  Goodness knows I need positive things to happen this year!

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Last I updated, I was on my way to L.A. for a sunny Thanksgiving. It rained a tiny bit but we still had more sun than if we’d stayed home.DSC03979

DSC04231We came back and made the trek to Mt. Hood to pluck our tree out of the wilderness. It was a gorgeous day and our tree actually looks pretty good in the house despite a crooked trunk and a giant bald spot. I like that it looks like a forest tree and not a manicured farm tree.

I took a quick break from the insane amounts of sewing I’ve been doing for my etsy shop and finally discovered the joy of knitting bulky items on big needles. I’m normally a fine gauge knitter but when you’re short on time, there’s nothing better than knitting a hat in a day! This is the Unoriginal Hat by the Yarn Harlot. You don’t really need a link do you? Just google it if you’d like. The yarn is Cascade Pastaza doubled and while it feels really soft in the skein, it’s a little prickly on my head if I wear it for a long time.
We went on a walk a few days ago and I loved that the whole family was wearing hats knit by me!
My mom visited last weekend, braving the snow and Crafty Wonderland’s Super Colossal Holiday Sale like a real Portlander. Because of the nasty weather, not as many people came to the show as I’d hoped but I still managed to make a little money.
Now to start on those Christmas presents!

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DSC03625We had a great time at The Pumpkin Patch last weekend and partied with some parent friends.  Square dancing, all-you-can-eat barbecued corn and toddlers in face paint.  It was a really good time and after much deliberation, we even came home with some pumpkins.

DSC03640Back at home, the evidence that seseme is now a toddler is mounting.  Oh, it’s mostly a joy but when I see her climbing up onto the dining room table, I miss the days when she’d stay put on a blanket on the floor.

sairshe's sweaterDSC03694Her sweater is finished and she actually got to wear it.  If you look closely you can see that it’s dirty because not only did I let her wear it, I also let her (gasp) eat in it.  I love it and it looks really cute on her though that’s nearly impossible to photograph.  It’s the Toddler Tunic by Staci Perry (ravelry) and all I changed was to lengthen the seed stitch areas at the edges and I added some sairshe's sweater yarnflowers using scrap yarn from this stash.

I knit the sweater with recycled yarn from a huge J. Crew cotton sweater that I found at the bins.  It was such a huge sweater that I could probably knit myself a matching sweater but I’m not that kind of mom.  The yarn was really annoying to knit with because it’s a bunch of tiny threads that aren’t plied together.  Several times I came across a spot where a few strands were broken but I just ignored it and kept knitting.  I’m sure that if I throw it in the washer, some of those ends will start to poke out but she’s only going to be able to wear it for this one season so I think it’ll be okay.

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Weekend Pretties

And a contest!  Details about that after the pictures.

Friday afternoon skyEven though the weather was grey and drizzly this weekend (how quickly weather changes in Portland!) we spent a lot of time outside.  Here are some pretties from the weekend.

We went to the park and there were already lots of leaves on the ground.  It really is feeling like autumn.  I want some more sunny days!Fall already?
Did you know that winged seeds are called samaras?  I love this cluster of them.

I saw this tree while walking in our neighborhood.  I don’t know what it is but I think the fruits hanging down are really pretty.

This is a volunteer plant growing in our front yard.  It’s probably a pumpkin but I’ll have to wait a while longer to find out for sure.  I like mysteries!
Squash blossom

Climbing the steps back home. I do love nasturtiums.

baby and nasturtiums

Finally some knitting to show!  I’ve mostly knit for the baby this summer but these are Mike’s socks!  They’re his first pair of handknit socks and I think they’re a hit.  They’re basic toe-up socks with a heel flap and 2×2 ribbing up top.  The yarn is Regia 4-ply and the color is Patch Antik #5759.
Mike's new socks

So the contest.  The lovely Vanessa of Designs by Vanessa is hosting a contest on her blog and the prize is a coffee sweater from my etsy shop!  So go on over, check out her blog and enter to win!

Hopefully I’ll have some more knitting pictures soon.  I hope you’re all having a nice Monday!

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Is it summer?

It has been so hot lately! It’s been in the 90s and for a while there I thought I was going to melt. It’s only May and it’s been gray and rainy for so long that I am really not adjusted to the sunshine!

My knitting has taken a bit of a back seat since it’s been so warm but I’ve been doing some other crafting (not just for my shop) and I do have some knitting to show.

I’m still working on Mike’s sweater. It’s coming along but I’m not in a big hurry to finish it since this is the wrong season for wearing a wool sweater. It’s been in the planning stages for so long (a year!) that I just want to get it done so I’ll keep at it.
avast cable

I’m knitting Avast from Knitty but neither Mike nor I liked the cable at the bottom so he picked this one out instead. Well, if I’m being honest, this was his second choice but I like it better than his first choice and since I’m the one who has to knit it, well, you know the story.

I have been sewing too! I’m really proud of this project.
doorway organizer
Now that sesame is getting bigger, I can no longer fit all her shoes, socks, hats, pants and pajamas all in one dresser drawer! Her clothes are getting bigger right along with her. Shocking, I know. So I’ve had to do some rearranging and her room needs more storage space. I have this hanging organizer for her diapers and I really like it so I set out to recreate it in way cooler fabrics.

It was a lot of work to figure it out but It turned out great! I took a lot of notes and pictures along the way so I’m hoping to write up a tutorial for it. Let me know if you’d be interested and I’ll do it sooner rather than later.

Also on the sesame front, I made her the cutest little skirtie! It’s a wool diaper cover with a ruffly skirt knitted onto it.
The soaker pattern I used was the curly purly pattern. After it was done, I picked up a row of stitches about 2 inches below the top and knitted the skirt part.
skirtie underside
The pink yarn is Lambs Pride Worsted and the grey is a combination of Eco Wool left over from my Hemlock Ring Blanket and some grey Wool of the Andes that I had laying around.

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This is for Brooke, Nate and little Adele. In rememberence of the beautiful hour they spent with their son, Phyneas.
Many tears and prayers for them went into the knitting of this blanket and I hope it brings them some comfort when sadness comes in it’s sudden waves. While knitting it, I also thought of the bible verse “for I was knit together in my mother’s womb” and how true that is. Little Fyn was knit together, perfect as far as anyone could see, just as this blanket seems perfect. There are some mistakes in the blanket, but who will look for them? The error that occurred in the knitting together of Fyn didn’t detract from his perfect little face, his perfect little soul, the perfect hour spent in the arms of his parents.
hemlock center

The pattern is, of course, the popular Hemlock Ring Blanket knit with the lovely Cascade Eco Wool. I did 2 more repeats of the feather and fan pattern than the original pattern and used almost 2 skeins.

I think of the flower in the middle as a symbol of life and hope, the fans radiating outward as waves of sadness and of joy- coming at different times, but merging together into one complex emotion.

Nate wrote a beautiful poem a few hours after Fyn left the world. They want the world to know that he was loved so I don’t think they’d mind if I posted some of it here.hemlock fan

i would have torn down mountains for just that hour,
but You gave it, You just gave it,
the most beautiful gift,
the last thing i wanted,
so much i was afraid to ask.
but You knew.
oh my God, You knew!
that fear i had,
prowling about my heart,
terrifying in its strength and closeness;
that beast you slayed for me
when they placed him in my wife’s loving arms
to die so near the hearts of us
who loved him most and knew him best,
save only You.

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Happy Easter!

I hope your Easter was filled with joy!


The bunny ears are cute but the headwear I’m most fond of is this cute little bonnet I knitted for sesame. She even seemed to like wearing it!


The pattern is from Dale of Norway’s pattern book #142. It’s the bonnet from pattern 14201, the eyelet lace layette set. (ravelry) I used one ball of Rowan cashcotton and size 2 needles. I knit the 9-12 month size and had to do some math because my gauge was different. It took two tries because the first bonnet was too small but luckily it was a quick knit so she was able to wear it today! I probably only have a few years that’ll I be able to put Easter bonnets on her so I need to take advantage of all of them. 🙂

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